Thursday, June 6, 2013

donnie harold harris on Twitter"We hired a Government to handle our problems.Now our problems are handling the government."Donnie Harold Harris

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lake of life.: Our Lake of life

Lake of life.: Our Lake of life: I see weakness, I fell shame, I am lost, I fell unnamed. I know you; somehow, by name...               The lake is full and wonderful clean.A...

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Behind the mens Room door Forums

Behind the mens Room door Forums When the line of time is connected to the line of truth; you shall be set free. Lord Mattayya Some where on Planet earth 2013
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

5 weeks in "69" The summer of love

I had gotten my drivers license at 15 and a half because of drivers ed. A school teacher friend at Tech I meet at the Ohio theater let me use his new Mustang to get my test taken in. A stick shift. I Worked at the Hilton downtown with a sew chief  friend that i meet at the Ohio theater. He got me the job there where i worked in the beef barren -up top . Washing dishes-and going for food down at the main kitchen. So with all this money, I bought my first car a 1963 Corvair.  HERE IS WHAT HAPPENED IN THE "5 WEEKS IN 69". I stepped off the bus at prospect and state street walked across the street  them was confronted by   The special forces marine black that had kidnapped bound me chocked me and raped me was 2 feet in front of me. I would later find out from the policeman that was handling my rape investigation -that in fact, he had a right to know who was charging him. This is how i found out who he was. He looked me in the eyes and said that he would KILL my Twin  my dad and the rest of my family if i continued with this prosecution of him. I told him i would completely drop everything. Told my "Mirror Twin" what happened .So we planned our escape.  The chief from the Hilton said he was going to go to San Diego and would ride and keep us safe there. So a set of "Mirror Twins" a cook headed out with me driving my Corvair. We made it to Tulsa ,broke down. Left the car and got the greyhound for Oklahoma city. Where the cook with stolen id. from the hotel said he was a priest, and paid with the priest, Id. And credit card,.Hitch hiked part way and was picked up by a nun in a pickup truck loaded with bibles which we road on top of. I would pass out and do more damage to my front teeth. Hustled in Phoenix Ariz. for the final bus ticket to Hollywood California. After watching a lady breastfeeding on the bus, we Came over the Hill to the Lights of LA. So Unbelievable. We got off the greyhound at the Hollywood terminal, leaving our luggage in the hands of Gerald Dueglaer, the cook turned out to have a hidden I d. saying, in fact, he was a mental case from a mental hospital in Canada..He said he would wash them and give them to use when we re-meet up on the following days at 2 pm at the bus station.     On June 10/or so 1969 The Summer of Love.,it was Friday evening about 7 pm. I, with my twin, discovered we had run away from home at 15 -with an escapist mental person who stole all our clothes leaving me and my twin with 57 cents each in our pocket at the Greyhound Bus station in Hollywood Ca.900023.   As I walked on Cheerie street, I watched the LAPD Tackle and arrest a young man-when I here a man in a van say to me Get in. It was Nick . I was saved within 2 hours. I went with him to my first trip to Denney"s and grilled ham and cheese. Nick V. lived in Hollywood hills  up above the Magic Castle. I had Hollywood hills as my view and live one block away from where Ricky Nelson Lived. Nick worked for a Currier at night for millionaire like Getty for one.                             I would start to work the streets of Hollywood like a master from 11 AM till 1 AM. Mostly 20.00 ago. Hollywood was great. I meet my first celebrity at a gay bar one afternoon. The son or something of the Bic Pen family. It would take several days for Lon my Mirror Twin to show up at the " Hollywood Bus station. Everyday for 5 days i went looking for Him. I spotted him walking down Hollywood Boulevard  Heading to the greyhound. I could not Believe my Eyes. He was strutting like a peacock. Decked out with the finest of Western Wear from the world famous western wear store to the stars out in Burbank on Lankershim Boulevard. 10-gallon hat, boots, the complete
Outfit.Like a western Musical star.  Lon Had meet Joe/me Nick. Joe (a convicted murder) worked as a Head Butler for very wealthy people. He specialized in Taking over a house for a few days for a special party for someone. Handle everything. One customer lived next store to Bert Bacharach and Angie Dickerson, across the street from the Playboy Mansion.   I did this for a total of 5 weeks before going back to Indy for high school in late August 1969. I almost ran over by the Actor that played Cookie in a TV show called Sunset Strip. Had piazza with Sergeant Carter of Gomer Pile Meet hundreds of god  squanders. Meet Charlie Manson 2 times . Turned out he was a musician as we both were and was from Indiana he said. Lived in my neighborhood . Once introduced to me by my twin whom he thought had lots of girls (he did). He tried to get us to come out to the Party ranch out in the valley over Hollywood hills..Rule # 1 -always make sure you know how to  get back home. He could not get me a ride back, so I did not go.2 time we meet it was at Pandora's Box on Sunset Strip. I wanted to see the hippies, and that where they were, so was he. ( within 30 days they would hack up Sharron Tate and others.) Meet a direct that lived in Pasadena. A middle eastern man of wealth. Started up the Blacklight business and had 10s of thousands of posters in his 2 mansions. Was the set designer for Ben Hur or 10 commandments. I think won academy award. Smoked weed everyday.  Before i left Hollywood  in the summer of 69 i would meet Rock Hudson 2 times. I was picked up by a
Builder in a Corvette on Hollywood Blvd one afternoon and taken for a ride into Hollywood hills. I was hired to work at this male prostitution provider. Nice house 6 or 8 other guys.All naked at the pool area. After a few hours, I asked to be dropped off at the strip. He did.I was him off and on for the 5 weeks scouting for guys. I was only 15 and hired to work as a teen hustler. I liked working my own way. Joe had to help me out with a man that had tried to force handcuffs on me in an apartment just off Hollywood Boulevard. Had to escape onto a roof in my underwear in broad daylight. 2ND time I saved my life by climbing onto a roof. The gold cup restaurant was the main hangout for John. I told Joe what happened-Lon had already gone back to Indy by now. He had a friend bodybuilder that was also a protector. Joe paid him to watch me. I took him down to the location of the attempted Handcuffing to confront the guy. He already had moved out. This guy was gay an tried to talk me into making porn films gay. I was not gay and only work as a hustler for money and not interested in gay films. One Saturday in The summer of 69. I was on my corner Gower and Hollywood when Rock Hudson pull up to me and asks if I would like a ride. I recognized the Man and the voice right away. I never tricked with young men. I new he expected a free bj, and he was young so i Said no thanks to Rock Hudson. He was in an older Mercedes Benz .  Up the street come this body builder I promised him i would tell him if i would be in this porn with him. Then something unusual happened. Rock Hudson had circled the block and came back for a second hit on me and pulled to the curb . At the same time, this guy is asking me loudly if i will be in the porn from Hollywood blvd as Rock Hudson is asking me out on a Date from the side street around the corner. I suddenly hear a trumpet sound an a voice say you may grow up to be president some day. I told him no Looked to Rock as This guy yells out Hey your Rock Hudson as i am making eye contact with him. He gets back into his car and drives away. I left Hollywood after 5 weeks meeting movie stars Directors holly Krishna God squanders and etc., I had 2200 saved . I had been to Disneyland.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Charity and the Art Of": CIB :and the evil empire within.

"Charity and the Art Of": CIB :and the evil empire within.: It's a sure bet that that the Un-payed volunteer ceo of this group,is lacking in wherewithal to address the issues of the CIB,for me the div...

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

There is all i know of that is me;there is all i known of that is a you.

When one looks close along the edge of the playing field, it's not straight at all. The basic philosophy of the public party is the most basic. In the brain, the stem is king. Without it the higher up you go the less usage. In education, that stem is the bulk of  early child care. Within the fetus, the stem cell divides life into male-female. The basic stem of livingness is All that I know as I/me, all I know as ever one else; equally together creating the us, and everything else.