Friday, April 18, 2014

something must be done.

donnie harold harris on Twitter Counter.comWe are shaken up citizions.  I picked up the morning paper out of the drive way when the headlines caught my eyes.By the time i got to the table to read i was paniced. I thought of all the 100 plus Police Officers Of varying kind that i had meet threw my work and my life. Was it Officer Mullins over and Pleasant street in the 60s Or all those that for years at the fairgrounds had to work a 2nd job to make it work at home for their families to make it on the same streets as the rest of us. Was it Lt K Whose kids went to school with my own or was the  thought of my Friends From Roncalli- people i meet 30 years ago and watch these lovers lives shattered last year. .When There son,was small we redid the siding windows roof and a small bathroom for them on there southside home.I watched as their family growed. I saw from the picture that it was not there home and was somehow relieved but deeply troubled.There must be a broader wider way of handling this . I think of the other public servants doing there work Like a fireman That will do whatever he wants to you in a fire. And you're Totally ok with it.Wanted to cut your car in half -Fine.Who will be the first in line to say The fireman pulled my arm to hard as he saved my life out of the building.Image .Time for a makeover.The garbage man may rattle the Cans  but he takes out the trash.Whose is going to complain?I am concerned for their public safety too.There must become another layer of protection by change.2014 the year of us 

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