Monday, July 14, 2014

Tragedy By Weather War Or Finance tragdy Should be treated as a Tragedy to the country By unnatural causes.

donnie harold harris on Twitter Counter.comClear to see that 2,500,000 people lost their home to some type of Financial Fraud, scam, government involvement or lack of reasons. 2.5 Million People are still owed  for their loss and sacrifice that allow the rest of the country to survive this Great act of theft; Of which the World had ever Known. Know Different than a Tidal wave or tornado WE lost everything and Then some. Where is our compassionate aid? WE are told the mortgage company would address our loss and threw Agreement to pay us restitution. We lost -straight out 60,000.00  and all that went with this hellish man made nightmare. Finally, after 2 years we received our settlement, along with a letter explaining our loss was not reviewed; Because reviewing was too costly. An the agreement did not say they had to. So we got the minimum amount. $1,050. 

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