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There is all of me there is all of you.donnie harold harris: The Anunnaki Creation Story: The Biggest Secret in...

There is all of me there is all of you.donnie harold harris: The Anunnaki Creation Story: The Biggest Secret in... donnie harold harris on Twitter

The Anunnaki Creation Story: The Biggest Secret in Human History - Nibir...

donnie harold harris on Twitter

behind the mens room door

My name is don h. Recently feb09  I was sent to the VA with 2 torn retinas(eyeballs).I was hours from blindness. At the same time, my home was  being foreclosed on after 14yrs. I also was being sued in court in city-county building as my business of 2 generations was on trial over $3000.00.While in court I was assaulted by a lawyer, in the hallway, as she struck me in both open eyes, with a folder.,my mind froze. The judge, upon reporting this to her as A assault, told me to take it up later with law enforcement. I file a police report.nothing was done. I had a massive shift in concentrations. I soon found myself pin pointedly focused on my unusual childhood. Things I had to do, to survive. I decided to write a book. Behind the men's room door. I have been collect and looking at my childhood, I think someone needs to know about it. I have told no one any of this. Maybe I need a lawyer>\?I am the 7th child of a 19-year old girl. I am a Mirror/Identical twin. Born wit T to T to T syndrome.This will come out in my book, some day. I was assaulted as an infant by my cousin, at 10 months(he is dead). Told mother weeks before she died.I was forced to give oral to completion  to a man at 4, behind my new house. There was a police report. I had life trauma from it. I asked for a copy last year at city county building, I was told no way. You see I went to 21-grade schools and lived at 100 locations before I was 12. I was molested by another cousin(registered child molester Ronnie Harris) over several months, I am only going to hit the hi-lights. I was molested at 6 by a Catholic priest in Indpls, In. Thier in the basement of the church where I was invited to go bowling. I was assaulted in Happy hollow camp 2 years by 2 brothers Sonny and Stoney, head counselor, and counselor. I was almost drawn by a counselor, when asked to go and get the pool ready at lake, he jumped on top of me(in deep water) and put his feet
onto my shoulders, holding me down under. I only escaped by grabbing his balls. I am a excellent swimmer and I swam away. At 12, I was assaulted and paid off by a paper captain, when I became a paper delivery boy,2 times at the paper house on prospect street.This single incident would propel me into preteen prostitution, when the offer came my way at the Ohio theater, in downtown indy, 1966. My most challenging assault happened at 15. There was a full police report and investigation, that was suddenly stopped when #The-Rapist, met me at my bus stop,  threatened my twin brothers death and others. I ran to Hollywood ca. June, Hollywood Blvd. Can you help, should I be concerned about releasing of my history. Should I file charges, or sue anybody, or just write away /...My clients as a child prostitute are all over the range including locale politicians.I can  no longer think through my job as a remodeling contract, I have no savings, and  I am a disabled vet.My book is my final hope, I think. Don